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remak Salda siemens systemair tridium Vts is an internet platform to control micro-climate equipment remotely.

It could be used for:

  1. business and shopping chains;
  2. public buildings;
  3. private houses;
  4. leased equipment.


Reduce these expenses: The tool lets you: In result you get:

Dedicated server

Dedicated software and updates

Conventional systems support

Control maintenance of equipment

Control and monitor your equipment

Get email alerts

Track history of parameters

Control equipment from different manufacturers

Control over electricity bills

More effective maintenance

Shorter reaction time

More effective human resources



Ecoluxus provides BMS solutions which are installed locally on customer's site. BMS can be installed on dedicated hardware or on costumer's virtual machine which is great solution for every system administrator.


  1. gets support and expertise for individual requirements;
  2. gets individual technical project;
  3. gets ability to integrate as much equipment as possible into BMS;
  4. gets individual User Interface and other features required for the Building Automation Management System;
  5. becomes owner of BMS software;
  6. gets full physical access to the system;
  7. gets the right to make changes, software updates or expand the system any time.